Thursday, August 11

Just go away..

Assalamualaikum wbt.. 

Feeling tak berape hepi hari ni.. so just kasi luah same ini perasaan..Here it goes..

I wanna stretch the paper..
But it doesn't mean I'm quit..
Terrible emotion.. Lost passion!
Fullstop at the moment..
Just go away..

Hey, I wish you could see how much its hurt..
One day without.. I felt lost!
With sorrow and fears..
With pain and tears..
I can't stand myself..
But I can't let it go..
It seems ruin my day..
-Depressed- (*_*)

p/s: its such a great feeling if my boss upgrade STREAMYX.. :(

 Peeps, enjoy your day.. may Allah bless us.. 
Hepi fasting n terawih!


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