Monday, March 22

Happy and unhappy

Assalamualaikum wbt..

A big thankful to Allah because He is so loving in giving me kudrah and ability to share something with all my lovely friends.

After reading Readers Digest yesterday, I'm so glad that there seem to be so many ways to be happy. For this entry, I think no need to say more, just wanna to put more happy and unhappy pictures here. Please make comparison between happy and unhappy pictures below. Which picture is suitable with you. Please fill in the blanks which picture is you.=)
Take a look guys.
Guys, when we see others having better thing, or when we fail to possess what others already have, we tend to becomeunhappy. However, if we can think in absolute terms, devoid of any companions, then we can be content and happy.  

I just wonder that happy or unhappy we are, Allah only giving us test. No matter it is,just thanks to Allah.
If we are happy, joy, unhappy, sad, or sorrow, please say Alhamdulillah. Allah did something in order to grant
us something.

Guys, all happy people are grateful people, and all unhappy people are ungrateful. If you want to be happy, be grateful for what you have. This does not you cannot search for more. It means that if you allow the search to dominate, then you will be unhappy.

Guys, I have a simple story to tell you.
I have many best friends since I was in kindergarten until now. Alhamdulillah, I can still count how many my best friends and they are always in my mind and my heart.
Honestly, I'm so happy because I have them. They are so close to me and always by me side. In terms of happy, I want to dedicate these three words to them  because lend me your ears and shoulders in listening my problems and to cry on.
Dear my best friends,
From day to day, we are getting old,
I cannot sure that I will always by your side,
I only ensure that I will always love you all,
Yesterday, a part of you entered in my dream,
But in leaved me alone,
I realized no one in this world is everlasting,
Only death can be apart.
To all my best friends,
I really missing you all..
                                                                     ~Truly: fifi~


  1. sayangi mereka yg berada di sekeliling kita....


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