Friday, January 13

The Truth

Assalamualaikum wbt..

That was really one of the nicest days
I've ever had. 
A beautiful Friday, 
with a big heart..

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Yeah, this is indeed a pleasant suprise..
Thank You Allah for showing me the truth..
I'm beginning to understand it..

I'm not condoning it,
human nature being what is it..
u cannot very well control an emotional reaction
against an emotional threat..

Merely put this (^___________________^) 
to show that 
I was so so so grateful 
with the gift from Him..
A great thanks to Allah 
again and again..

Courtesy by: Google
just wanna share the quotation by Ibn Qudamah rahimahullah..
"The sins that you do in private kills the heart more than the sins that you do in public, because it means that you value the eyes of the people more than you value the sight of Allah. You are more worried about people catching you sinning than Allah seeing you."

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